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Tips & Tricks Guide for our Saver Seal Bags

At Twiggy Willow we take pride in producing our Saver Seal Bags and we want to ensure that you get the most out of them. 😊

Here are some tips and tricks that we hope you’ll find useful and give you at least one ‘WOW, I never thought of that!’ moment 😉

Care Tips

  1. Hand Wash - the easiest way is with a squirt of dish-wash and a swirl of water. You might be tempted to place them in your dishwasher, but DON’T ❌. There is no need to turn your bags inside out when washing them as this will weaken them and reduce their lifespan.

  2. Air-dry - 💨Place over a drinking glass or use a bottle drying rack. A pot lid organizer also works a charm.

  3. Ziplock Closure - Over time you might find your ziplock closure becomes a little trickier to close. Brush a little vegetable oil over it and that will solve the problem A little pastry brush is perfect for this task.  Strange as it may sound, placing your bags in the fridge or freezer for a while can also make the ziplock closure crisper to close! (There’s a ‘wow, I never thought of that!’ moment) 😯

  4. Do NOT use in the microwave or the oven. This will also result in a ‘Wow, I never thought of that moment’! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️



 Honestly, this list could have become a book so we’ve had to give ourselves a stern talking to and limit the number to our 10 favourites (“the only limit is your imagination”) 😍

  1. Our number 1 favourite use has to be for storing and extending the life of fresh produce. This saves money and saves on food waste. Cautionary note here: carrot sticks will stain the bags so we advise keeping an exclusive carrot stick bag. 🥕

  2. Avocado storage 🥑. Hands up who’s sick of avos turning black after storing half in the fridge to be used at a later date? Time to rejoice 🎉! Cut your avocado in half and place the other half  inside a Saver Seal Bag. When you close the bag try and squeeze as much air out as possible before you seal it shut. We have found using a straw to suck the air out works really well. Prepare to be amazed at how much longer your avo lasts!

  3. For the pet owners 😺🐶🐰: we love our furry bundles of joy but DON’T love the smell of opened pet food/treats. No need to reach for the nose-peg when you open your fridge or pantry anymore. Just place the unused pet food/treat portions in a Saver Seal bag and enjoy an odour free environment 🌹

  4. Sandwiches - arguably sandwiches could have been in the number 1 spot! Now you can enjoy sandwiches that are as soft and fresh at lunchtime as when you first made them. 🥪The double ziplock closure ensures our bags remain airtight to seal in that freshness.

  5. Snacks - everyone loves to pack a snack for themselves and the kids. You’ll find that cookies, muffins, chips etc stay perfect.  “My chips are too crispy and crunchy” said no-one ever! 😂

  6. Ice-packs - life is full of bumps and bruises and now you can keep a handy ice-pack in the freezer to deal with those painful moments 🤕. Fill your bag with water, seal shut and freeze ❄. Instant ice-pack. Alternatively, fill your bag with frozen peas as a frozen pea ice-pack molds really well for use on sprains and head-aches.

  7. Travel - Yay! You’re off on holiday 😎🌞. The last thing you need is your make-up and toiletries leaking all over your suitcase. Time to Saver Seal them and have peace of mind that our leak-proof bags won’t let you down.

  8. Meal Prep - who has time these days to make a fresh meal every day? ⏳ Now you can cook up a storm and portion your meals for handy storage in the freezer . Our Saver Seal Bags are freezer safe and take up less space than containers.

  9. Odour Control - your fridge is no longer going to be smell-central! Our bags are ideal for storing boiled eggs, garlic, chopped onion...basically anything strong smelling. It’s time to lock those odours away 🧄🧅😊.

  10. Need a water-tight pouch? Heading to the beach / boot camp /hiking and need a handy bag for your phone, watch, jewellery, car keys etc? Stow a Saver Seal bag in your kit and you’re all set 🏄‍♂️🏋️‍♀️🚴‍♂️


Saver Seal Bags can be written on with dry erase markers.  This makes adding dates for food storage a cinch! Also useful for having some exclusive use bags - like the carrot stick bag 🥕  and the pet food/treats bag.🐾🐶😺

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