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Saver Seal Reusable Storage Bags (x6), Produce Bags (3) + Silicone Scrubber

Saver Seal Reusable Storage Bags (x6), Produce Bags (3) + Silicone Scrubber

🌎 EASY TO OPEN AND SEAL - Saver Seal premium reusable sandwich, snack & storage bags have an extra length top above the ziplock closure which make them easier to open. The double ziplock closure is easy to seal and airtight. These are extra thick and flexible storage bags which will last.


BUMPER PACK OF 6 ZIPLOCK BAGS IN CONVENIENT STORAGE BAG WITH BONUS SILICONE SPONGE AND SET OF 3 REUSABLE PRODUCE BAGS - 4 x generously sized sandwich / lunch bags (22cm x18.5cm) & 2 x snack bags (22cm x 12cm) ideal to pack snacks for the munchy moments in life. The double ziplock, airtight closure will ensure your food stays fresher for longer.


🌸The silicone sponge / scrubber is a perfect companion to wash out your bags and scrub your fruit and veg.


🍓Complete your eco set with the 3 reusable mesh produce bags in three handy sizes: Small, Medium and Large. They have an easy toggle closure to secure your fruit and veg inside.


🌼 NON TOXIC & ODOUR RESISTANT – Saver Seal bags are more than reusable plastic bags. They are in fact made from a food safe material, which is chlorine free, PVC free, BPA free & lead free . You can feel confident in your healthy choice. Our bags are odour resistant. They are also freezer safe and quick to hand wash & air dry. NOT TO BE PLACED IN YOUR MICROWAVE, OVEN or DISHWASHER!


👣 REDUCE YOUR FOOTPRINT ON THE EARTH - Saver Seal bags are in essence 'Save a Seal' bags. The seal logo is a reminder that you're playing your part in ensuring cleaner oceans and ultimately a brighter future. Remember: less plastic is fantastic

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