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Saver Seal Reusable Icy-Pole Kit WITH Holders

Saver Seal Reusable Icy-Pole Kit WITH Holders

Saver Seal Reusable Icy Pole Kits are the answer to healthy treats that are super easy to make!


  • The kit contains 8 Saver Seal Reusable Icy Pole Bags, a collapsible silicone funnel to fill your bags, a long handled silicone brush to clean them out and 4 Neoprene Icy-Pole Holders so your fingers (and the kids' fingers) don't freeze❄⛄ 
  • Our Saver Seal products are all fully recyclable and contain no BPA, Chlorine or PVC. 🍃
  • Each bag seals shut with a double ziplock closure. This ensures they are leakproof so you won't have any messy spills in the freezer.
  • Choose your filling: fruit juice works beautifully, liquidise a whole bunch of healthy fruit and veg to make vitamin enriched frozen masterpieces (we won't tell the kids there's a sneaky veg or 2 in their icy pole!) 😉 Yoghurt also works really well as a frozen treat. Freeze up some Hydrolyte to keep handy for when dreaded tummy bugs strike. Even simple water makes a handy stick of ice to pop in water bottles. If you want to make a more grown-up cocktail, then go right ahead.🍷 
  • The handy silicone funnel ensures the whole creation process remains mess free, and the silicone brush makes it super easy to clean out your bags ready for the next batch. (Fair warning: certain colours can stain your bags but this does not affect their usablility whatsoever).
  • Handy Tip 1: Write on your icy pole bags with a dry erase marker (whiteboard marker) to label the contents. They will wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • Handy Tip 2: Littlies don't always finish their snack so feel free to reseal and pop back in the freezer for them to finish another time.
  • Handy Tip 3: Quickly run your icy pole under a hot tap to make it super easy to push up the icy pole.
  • Handy Tip 4: if you ever struggle to close the ziplock top just run a wet finger over the closure and it'll close like a dream 😊
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